Thursday, April 7, 2011

Of delayed actions and slow FIRST blog.. ta da....

I'm finally here, I've finally done it !!. I feel like "Rocky Balboa" after the championship fight. Setting up a blog takes more effort than I figured it would :-) .

HELLO !! I'm your everyday middle aged guy, lives in a metropolitan area, works a 9 to 5 job, has wife and kids, deals with the everyday hassles of the milkman and fights with the auto wallah on being overcharged.

Life's been good, India is shining, I'm working for an MNC. God knows, earning more than I deserve to ( don't let my boss find out ;-) ) !! Yet, I feel, I don't have enough. I own a hatchback, but neighbours up to two block on either sides own Sedans and SUVs. I took my family for a vacation locally, but that show off next door took his; for foreign trips, TWICE.

Finally, it dawned upon me. No matter what I have, it'll never be enough, unless I define ENOUGH for myself. I should identify my financial goals. Goals that service the need of providing the quality of life, I want my family to have.
In light of this learning, I began my journey through the world of finance, and after having travelled a little distance only, realised there may be so many others like me. This blog, in the days and months to come, shall attempt to share my leanings and information useful specifically to people matching my profile and to others in general.

Who said "Main to akela hi chala tha, manzilon ki talaash mein. Log aatey gaye magar, aur karwaan banta gaya".